Eighteen years ago, KHP introduced

“Kearney’s Theatre In Lion’s Park” !

I am very pleased and proud to share that Kearney success story with you…

Eighteen years ago in the summer of 2001, our city park ( Lion’s Park ) came alive as more than 2,100 spectators witnessed the premier performance of Kearney’s Theatre In The Park. Those who witnessed will agree, it was one of the most exciting new events to be introduced to our community at that time. The production was co-sponsored by KHP and the City of Kearney.  We were extremely encouraged by the reaction and support pledged to help continue to offer the event annually.  It was KHP‘s expressed goal for a successful outcome of Theatre In The Park to  help the community by demonstrating the benefits of such a program… and maybe,  just maybe,  to move the plans of an Amphitheater in Jesse James Park “off the back burner and on to the front burner”.  Together, we DID IT! In 2004,  the City of Kearney broke ground on The Kearney Amphitheater!

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The Kearney Amphitheater was built and has been operating for twelve seasons.  The state- of- the -art facility has offered community enrichment mostly through various concert events.  This summer KHP has set a new goal…

It’s TIME to add an additional layer of cultural enrichment  in our community.  It’s TIME for Theatre at the Kearney Amphitheater in Jesse James Park.

Help us to “FILL THE HILL” this summer in Jesse James Park !

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